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Philosophy of The Financial

We are a consumer fiduciary, and we focus on creating satisfied clients with a real estate, mortgage, or financial services need.

We are not tied to any one service provider. Our goal is to provide a quick, easy, inexpensive way for consumers to access trusted providers. We help consumers by educating them on the process, and we provide a platform for enhanced communication between Consumers and Providers.

We provide a low cost, high quality Portal for Providers to advertise their unique services and expertise.

The difference between us and the competition is that we create a value exchange not just for the provider and the consumer, but everyone involved in the process. This web like effect helps ensure success and contributes to the ultimate product/vendor mix---all the while---weeding out expensive non-performers.

At the conclusion of the transaction, we gather feedback from the consumer and provider, to ensure overall satisfaction, and these results are reflected on the web site. Superior individuals that have great service get the business, which produces a daisy chain effect of "paying it forward". The consumer’s voice is actually heard, and sub-par companies will suffer the repercussions. We treat our Providers fairly, however the consumer is our fiduciary client, and they ultimately drive everyone’s success---as it should be.

We look forward to working with you. Please email us at with any questions.

All My Best, Patrick Palzkill Managing Director The Financial