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Top 10 Benefits for Your Business

  2. You benefit by all Top Providers POOLING MARKETING DOLLARS.
  3. Web Portal offers LONG TERM Benefit VS. “ONE & DONE” ads in newspapers, magazines, mailing campaigns.
  4. BUSINESS BY REFERRAL is the best way to do business. 40,000 Zip Codes x 7 Categories of Top Providers x 5 Providers per Zip Code = Up to 1.4 Million Top Provider Referral Partners. You are now 1 of 5 in your market vs 1 of 100’s.
  5. RESPA/FINRA Friendly – We foster competition — avoid “Steering” clients to one provider, and weed out underperforming Providers that do not pass consumer surveys.
  6. EARLY ADOPTERS WIN — We only list the Top 5 Providers in each market. – Only 1 “Brand” per area. Separate yourself from your office and the competition.
  7. It’s easy. Low/no time commitment.
  8. PROVIDER GoToMeeting Educational SEMINARS with Members offers low cost, high impact exposure for your firm—world wide.
  9. Local Area NETWORKING EVENTS with fellow area providers fosters team work when working with our members who generally have clients with MONEY IN MOTION.
  10. MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN YOUR COMMUNITY, help show Consumers the BEST AMERICA has to offer, and RESTORE